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imagry representing the concept of programmer

Australian tech sexism – the job interveiw

*gets up on soap box*
Are women under represented in tech.. lets play a little game in google to see
*apologizes  feels shes an imposter, feels she has no right to speak mumbles incoherently*
I’m trying to connect the dots but they are all to far and wide, seemingly random I can’t see how the nodes interrelate and therefore can not make a coherent or logical argument .

I started to write about open source sexism,  sexism in tech /it industry – And realized I cant speak for the masses  I can only vent my own frustrations.  I am currently what we call in the industry  a  “freelancer”  that is  I have no permanent job, to some degree this suits me down to a tee. I’m to much of a psychopathic bitch to ” work in a team”.  I like working my own hours  but  I’ve been  applying for   “real jobs”  lately and there are a few things that really bother me.

The look
So for guys its perfectly appropriate to wear a suit to a job interview easy expected  for women not so much we fall here into some black hole of what is fashion and the expectations of  “power” females  : high heels  tight skirt. Neither of which are necessary to do a decent job of coding .  The expectation is that one will be  above all corporate looking.
for the employer  there expectation of  “hot shot programmer” and my physical reality don’t mesh.
*inevitable failure is imminent*

  • If I don a pin strip suit I may come across like a cross dressing mafia  pimp
  • if I look to slutty then I wont be taken seriously
  • if I look to  unsexy  my femininity will be questioned then I face the clear discrimination of is she a dyke ? of course she is… this reduces the likly hood of any given job offer by about 25 % (min)
  • No matter what I wear  I will not fit the cultural expectation

Reasons : cultural expectation lets have a closer look at that shall we
lets do a visual sampling of the imagery we use to represent programmers
Method : go to google type programmer look at images..
OK , here’s my result :
imagry representing the concept of programmerso some basic math ?

out of 47 or so images  there are :
3  or 4 which are “gender nuetral” sorta.. (I’ll count stick figures as that to be fair)
7 which have pictures of actual females..
3 of which (*) I’m going to not count cause a the female is not programming shes playing an x box , the female is not programming shes in bed with a guy with a bunch of computers and worse number 1 which is all about how programmers see a girl…
a) assuming all programmers are male.. that is  and the girl is like the sleek code of google unobtainable but beautiful.. (fell free to wretch..)

that leaves us with  4 !  so  4 out of 47 ?  I ‘m 11.75% represented!

We should probably do better than this don’t you think ?


b is for bash

Command line a-z

Command line prompts (mac os terminal) – *working project ———————————————————————————————————————–

 A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H |  I| J | K | L | M | N | O |P|W


A is for alias


  • alias  ~ Create an alias   ( I am, you are, we are an alias)
  • alloc  ~ List used and free memory  (alloc -ate – id)
  • apropos  ~ Search the whatis database for strings
  • asr ~ Apple Software Restore
  • awk  ~Find and Replace text within file(s)


B is for bash

b is for bash

  • basename ~ Convert a full pathname to just a filename
  • bash ~ Bourne-Again SHell  (the ghost in the shell is $bash)
  • bg  ~ Send to background  (begone! baby giant)
  • bind~ Display readline key and function bindings
  • bless Set volume bootability and startup disk options
  • break Exit from a For, While, Until or Select loop
  • builtin~ Execute a shell builtin
  • bzip2 Compress or decompress files


C is for curl…

c is for curl

      • cal ~ Display a calendar
      • calendar ~ Reminder Service
      • caller  ~ Return the context of a subroutine call
      • case  ~ Conditionally perform a command
      • cat  ~ Concatenate and print (display) the content of files
      • cd  ~ Change Directory
      • chflags ~ Change a file or folder’s flags
      • chgrp ~ Change group ownership
      • chmod ~ Change access permissions
      • chown ~ Change file owner and group
      • chroot  ~ Run a command with a different root directory
      • cksum  ~ Print CRC checksum and byte counts
      • clear ~ Clear terminal screen
      • cmp ~ Compare two files
      • comm ~Compare two sorted files line by line
      • command ~  Run a command (not a function)
      • complete ~ Edit a command completion [word/pattern/list]
      • continue ~ Resume the next iteration of a loop
      • cp ~ Copy one or more files to another location
      • cron ~ Daemon to execute scheduled commands
      • crontab ~ Schedule a command to run at a later date/time
      • csplit ~ Split a file into context-determined pieces
      • curl  ~ Transfer data from or to a server
      • cut ~ Divide a file into several parts


D is for ds directory service

  • date ~ Dispd is forlay or change the date & time
  • dc ~ Desk Calculator
  • dd ~ Convert and copy a file, clone disks
  • declare ~  Declare variable & set attributes
  • defaults ~  Set preferences, show hidden files
  • df  ~ Display free disk space
  • diff  ~ Display the differences between two files
  • diff3 ~  Show differences among three files
  • dig  ~ DNS lookup
  • dirname  ~ Convert a full pathname to just a path
  • dirs  ~ Display list of remembered directories •
  • diskutil  ~ Disk utilities – Format, Verify, Repair
  • disown  ~ Unbind a job from the current login session •
  • ditto  ~ Copy files and folders
  • dot_clean ~  Remove dot-underscore files
  • drutil I ~ nteract with CD/DVD burners
  • dscacheutil Query or flush the Directory Service/DNS cache
  • dseditgroup  ~ Edit, create, manipulate, or delete groups
  • dsenableroot  ~ Enable root access
  • dsmemberutil  ~ View user and groups rights
  • dscl  ~ Directory Service command line utility
  • du  ~ Estimate file space usage


e is for exit ..e is for

  • eval ~ Evaluate several commands/arguments
  • exec ~ Execute a command
  • exit ~ Exit the shell
  • expand ~ Convert tabs to spaces
  • expect ~ Programmed dialogue with interactive programs
  • export~ Set an environment variable •
  • expr ~ Evaluate expressions



W is for Wildcards ..

theses are wonderful so here we go

  • * (Asterisk) Wildcard ~ ls  *.gif – lists all the gifs !
  • ? (Question Mark) Wildcard ~ $ ls *.??? –it was something with three characters I can’t remember
  • [] (Square Brackets) Wildcard ~ range of things  arrays ! [88- 96]