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Why australia must teach children how to code in school

Theres no question that we live in a digital age.  Just go out to a coffee shop in any australian city, half the humans will be there pretending to  “relax”  while obsessing over there twitter feed or facebook status or simply checking their emails or checking in.

There’s an opportunity here, an opportunity to teach your young how to make the technology of the future.  We cant be the lucky country forever, so lets try being a clever country.

Internet culture has changed humans  lives,  you don’t sit and consume mindlessly we interact with our media and entertainment, you make it. In the words of  Amanda Palmer “we are the media”.

I don’t expect the stuffy blue tied old guys who run the country to understand . but some one out there with a modicum of foresight surely can see that teaching children to code will give them the building blocks to create there own future.

For those who use computers on a daily basis, those who make the web as it is know that code makes all of that happen, in code we trust . Tell me, suited faceless men who’d rather  dull small minds with bible thumping than sharpen them with skills or the ability to create something marvellous, ground breaking or perhaps life saving.  tell me how thats even remotely logical.