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wingnut says – freedom of speech dobb in a blogger

theres nothing inconsistant about free speach and banning  anomoumous bloggers The wingnuts wants you to snitch on your co workers,  in a nutshell if your a public servant of any kind and you are found anonymously blogging ,tweeting facebooking or otherwize “criticizing”  your government you should be sacked.

And we are not meant to consider that an impingement in anyway on freedom of  speech, of course that is fine if your definition of free speech only includes the right to hatespeech  especially of course if its anti Muslim, anti aboriginal or of course gay bashing or lefty, commo bashing a well know Australian pastime which is currently honored by knighthood.

That is to say your freedom of speech is legally protected if you own your own media empire or mining magnate because clearly your already supporting your government with loads of money and positive press.

Regadless of bigotry or financial status  anyone on welfare is  still “fair game”  for all . further proof that you government really understands the nature of the internet .

No mention has been made of potential bonus schemes for dobbing in such “anti government”  anonymous voices however I suggest we go back to the 40’s type system used to track the killing of rabbits.  extra chocolate rations are most defiantly double + good.

Heavy sarcasm included free.