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VNS matrix – file #002

“we are the modern cunt
positive anti reason
unbounded unleashed unforgiving
we see art with our cunt we make art with our cunt
we believe in jouissance madness holiness and poetry
we are the virus of the new world disorder
rupturing the symbiotic from within
saboteurs of big daddy mainframe
the clitoris is a direct line to the matrix
the VNS matrix
terminators of the moral code
mercenaries of slime
go down on the alter of abjection
probing the visceral temple we speak in tongues
infiltrating disrupting disseminating
corrupting the discourse
we are the future cunt”

original : http://www.sysx.org/gashgirl/VNS/TEXT/PINKMANI.HTM


*needless to say my spell checker really hates me writing cunt cunt cunt cunt  ! These files are trawled from memory, fragments of files 404’s , things that were never archived buried under data. stolen from the mainframe .