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Department of Climate Change Denial

I saw a meme going around of a bunch of folk  sticking their heads in the sand as a salute to our governments policy on climate change and renewable energy.  It was time to have some sort of official department of climate change denial . I know our government is far to poor to make a new logo for any such department, so I  threw one together for them.  Here it is  the policy on climate change for Australia  summed up in words even a bogan can understand.

coat_of_shameand now you can buy it  on a t-shirt a mug or a sticker  :}

Logo redesign – transfield detention centers

Dear Transfeild,
In light of the recent  information I have receive that you

“make obscene amounts of money out of the mandatory detention centres”

I have decided to offer you a free logo redesign, you’r new logo reflects my understanding of your company’s main “bread and butter” income.  Is also a little more “cutting edge” than that strange abstract expressionist mashup you had previously its got “punch”  you may see the sneak peak below and a larger print ready file is attached as a pdf.
re imagined transfeild logo
> Download pdf version here
We hope the recent  accidents don’t have any bearing on your continued support of the “arts ” and we thank you for supporting the Sydney Biennale without any censorship whatsoever.
kind regards
glitch scatter

Fiona hall - big game hunting

5 most subversive contemporary women artists of Australia

The guerrilla girls told me that women are poorly represented in art history back in 2001 . Things haven’t changed that much and being the arse end of the universe (strayla mate ) really doesn’t help.  However, I Object to this article because most of its women were not born this century, nor are they australian  have  kind of tripe that passes for art criticism in some news …(should I call them vendors ? ) snail news?  whatever.
*the list is not remotely ordered 

Offending article: Some dude telling me who’s a subversive female artist..right.

  • 1) Fiona Hall  – Its hard to find words but she’s always shifting mediums,  from her early soap carvings to her installations she never fails to delight me. Always contemporary, always questioning .

    Fiona hall - big game hunting

    Fiona hall – big game hunting

  • 2) Tracey Moffatt – brave ,she takes no prisoners from her early works which cause Australian critics to  ask questions about authorship which are still relevant today eg : “If she didn’t press the button is she really the photographer ?
    To these beautiful mashups  like “other” that question identity culture and otherness in ways that make me laugh and cry simultaneously .

    OTHER by Tracey Moffatt from Momentum Worldwide on Vimeo.
  • 3) Emily Kame Kngwarreye – “I did batik at first, and then after doing that I learned more and more and then I changed over to painting for good…Then it was canvas. I gave up on…fabric to avoid all the boiling to get the wax out. I got a bit lazy – I gave it up because it was too much hard work. I finally got sick of it…I didn’t want to continue with the hard work batik required – boiling the fabric over and over, lighting fires, and using up all the soap powder, over and over. That’s why I gave up batik and changed over to canvas – it was easier. My eyesight deteriorated as I got older, and because of that I gave up batik on silk – it was better for me to just paint.” 
  • 4)Patricia Piccinini – It’s hard for me to include her I never saw her as a maker and in that, she challenges the very assumptions of craftsmanship in art. She is  more of an art producer than an artisan. However the recent controversy over the  “sky whale” really won me over. I’m not sure if I can think of a more subversive act than a massive floating whale with pendulous breasts hanging over the nations capital.
  • 5) Linda Dement  –cyberflesh girl monster need I say more?  I had the luck to be present at one of her performances at  Canberra School of the Art where she hung upside down in goggles and a swimming cap and told all the lecturers and senior academics art history is bullshit.  Her middle name is subversive . Not to mention theres no wiki page for her.




VNS matrix – file #002

“we are the modern cunt
positive anti reason
unbounded unleashed unforgiving
we see art with our cunt we make art with our cunt
we believe in jouissance madness holiness and poetry
we are the virus of the new world disorder
rupturing the symbiotic from within
saboteurs of big daddy mainframe
the clitoris is a direct line to the matrix
the VNS matrix
terminators of the moral code
mercenaries of slime
go down on the alter of abjection
probing the visceral temple we speak in tongues
infiltrating disrupting disseminating
corrupting the discourse
we are the future cunt”

original : http://www.sysx.org/gashgirl/VNS/TEXT/PINKMANI.HTM


*needless to say my spell checker really hates me writing cunt cunt cunt cunt  ! These files are trawled from memory, fragments of files 404’s , things that were never archived buried under data. stolen from the mainframe .