Clementine Ford -ted talk on rape culture

Clementine Ford deserves a cheer squad ! so I’m adding her to my list of women I adore.
Quietly I have been stalking her on twitter..
But here I go I have a fembot crush on her because:
She’s Australian, feminist, smart and articulate !
She writes a great deal and I love to read her articles but this ted talk on rape culture with its particular attention Australian culture and media made me want to put her here. Watch it  those are my orders !

classic bites:

  • “shame cave” – enough said!
  • “your vagina is not a vehicle” (and even if it was rape is not stealing a car its  jacking one with the owner still in it..and possibly trashing it while making them watch )

Theres nothing quite as wonderful as a feminist who can  not only speak plain english and not academiac bs (kudus for never using the word hegemony) but can also make one laugh.

I always felt detached from the idea of rape culture , it’s the internet right ? they must be talking about america.  My own personal experience of rape culture revolves around kicking around  places like second life and online games. I forget how much this is also a real wold problem and a cultural phenomenon that extends way beyond the internet and gaming culture.

Reading through the comments makes it clear that the issue needed further clarification. Some mammals are more visual and respond to simple diagrams, so I put together this flow chart – I may have forgotten something but I hope its useful

rape flow chart








Her blog in case that wasn’t enough.. you know it wasn’t