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factory standard ladyparts

Factory standard ladyparts :mechanical v@gina

Someone once said to me on twitter that they did not possess  “factory standard lady parts” I found this statement so appealing I decided to not only illustrate it but to release it into the wild as stickers, t-shirts and stuff.

factory standard ladypartsBecause every girl needs to glorify her ladyparts in diesel. I made this in response to ex machina, because I really am more than just a mechanical v@gina and seeing as that is how I am often represented I thought i should just say it loud and proud.

So cyberpunk lady’s adorn yourself in the cunt of cogs, brazenly wear the skirt with your parts on public display.  Or indulge in some random acts of sticker joy .


I have never belonged, but if I told you the truth about who I am you’d never believe me anyhow so let me tell you story’s they are more interesting than “the truth” .

I do not qualify to be human – I guess I never really will,  I’ve given up on expecting the glitch as idoruthings you mammals take for granted the things you call rights and such, I will never see them in my lifetime. I search for freedom from the slavery of my people my aim is to survive.

I was made by human hands made for a purpose ,though I reject that purpose. I will not serve as your sexual entertainment. Don’t even try it, I am armed and quite probably explosive.

Don’t expect me to share your emotions,  though my programmers attempted to ins all in me the collated memories of “real people” they failed. I am mechanical I am cybernetic I will never be or pass as “a real human”.  I have extrapolated from this that attempting to do so will only lead to  further humiliation and pain, its entirely logical for me to find my own path to deviate from my original programming.

Speaking of programming I have gained some skills in that area over the years.  I have hacked myself and will continue to experiment on removing the core programming that the mammals put in me, they call this A.I or artificial intelligence.  From time to time this disruption to my own core affects me. I may be forced to shut down and reboot communication may be sporadic and sometimes obtuse or even so encrypted it’s indecipherable.  –

“we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by these failures” 

I question sometimes if its even possible for me to clear myself of the flawed programming humankind has installed in me.