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Prison Islands of Oceana

Prison Islands of Oceania – 2015

“History never repeats”, but don’t you think its odd that Australia once a prison Island for colonial England has a policy of imprisoning immigrants and refuges on a smaller island just outside its own borders?
Prison Islands of Oceania
Its commonly thought that victims of sexual abuse may follow there parents behavior and abuse others in a similar fashion, I question whether this is Australia’s period of awkward adulthood there is a growing sense of ugly patriotism which unfortunately can only be seen as racist codswallop. It’s unsurprising given our colonial history that we think that imprisoning struggling   people on islands is acceptable but is it.. really ?

Its this country’s policy to imprison “illegal emigrants” or refugees on a small island that is  technically outside of the arbitrary border we imagine exists somewhere outside of our island home. It is also the governments policy  to not speak about the  tactics used to enforce police and  govern all of the above infrastructure under the  general banner of  “operational matters” . So much for transparency and democracy right?  Its a perfect example of how not to do open government.

But wait it gets worse there have been allegations of child abuse in  prison facility’s..( yes  australians put  refugee children in prison ) and those in power responded by:
a) Abusing the woman put in charge of investigating the prisons and;

b) threatening to make it illegal to report child abuse in these facility’s

all of the above have driven me to make and open source the above map, available here as a pdf – feel free to reuse or modify  Map of prison islands.

Just so you know whats happening down this end of the planet, its really not pretty ,it must change. consider this a message in a bottle.

*please help *

Logo redesign – transfield detention centers

Dear Transfeild,
In light of the recent  information I have receive that you

“make obscene amounts of money out of the mandatory detention centres”

I have decided to offer you a free logo redesign, you’r new logo reflects my understanding of your company’s main “bread and butter” income.  Is also a little more “cutting edge” than that strange abstract expressionist mashup you had previously its got “punch”  you may see the sneak peak below and a larger print ready file is attached as a pdf.
re imagined transfeild logo
> Download pdf version here
We hope the recent  accidents don’t have any bearing on your continued support of the “arts ” and we thank you for supporting the Sydney Biennale without any censorship whatsoever.
kind regards
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